High-Waisted Perfection

So every girl has a pair of jeans that they would die for right? … No? Okay. Well I love mine almost that much especially because they are also stonewashed. My job usually has a casual dress code on Fridays. So I was scrounging my closet to find something that was presentable for work.

The Infamous Jean Shirt

The jean shirt has become increasing popular over the last few years. Although these tops can be paired with virtually anything, I have paired my own stone washed version with a short black pencil skirt. This outfit can be worn on a casual date, a girls day out, or to class if worn with a more subtle shoe. I personally love bold statement necklaces worn with with jean shirts.

2016 Vision Board

My birthday is coming up next week and I’ve recently had to clear my life from drama, clutter, and unhealthy relationships (I’ll talk more about that later). I usually pride myself in being such a strong person that I don’t always allow myself to heal properly. This time I vowed to give myself time to work on myself and work towards my goals.