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Every year around the same time I always have some sort of premonition. Usually trying to put my life into perspective. Asking myself “What is my purpose?” This year is not much different except this time I am trying to recover from the amount of unnecessary stress I have endured in this year alone. I must admit it has been hard to stay focused when everything and everyone else is “more important” than you or what you want. This year I dealt with a huge breakup from a toxic 2-year relationship, changes in friendships, the loss of a childhood friend, and making a risky move from from Virginia Beach to Atlanta. Over the years I have adapted one of the most unhealthy habits of overworking myself and saying “Yes” to everyone and everything. Working helped keep issues in the back of my head but not long enough. Even now, it’s 12 AM Thursday morning and I have had only about 3 hours of sleep since Monday night. Story of my life.

I know time heals everything but I feel a little upset with myself. I feel like I wasted so much time in the past couple of years investing time into things (and people) that don’t care enough to even remember my birthday. I know this shouldn’t bother me as much as it does but hey … I’m human too. This past week was Thanksgiving and I got see family that I haven’t seen since last year. Some in like 6 years. I really hate that I haven’t had the opportunity to spend enough time with my family in the past. There’s inside jokes, family traditions that I was never a part of, and younger family members that I have never seen before. Now that I have moved a lot closer I hope to see them more often than not. We have a lot of catching up to do!

So anyway, enough with the sappy stuff! I have been thinking a lot about my future and I have a few things planned for the next couple of years. I want to get back to doing what I love and focus on what I want for once in my life, but instead of making a new years resolution, I have decided to make a detailed plan to the next 2 years of my life. And then an even more detailed plan for the next few weeks. Like the rest of the world I used to make resolutions and by the end of January I would forget what I  was supposed to be doing.

Although I would love to share my actual goals, they are very very personal and specific — as they should be. So instead I will share a broader list below:

  • Reorganize business with new policies and procedures.

Although Diamant Dezign has been serving clients since 2012, I have learned a lot of lessons overtime on what to do and what not to do. Every year I make changes to the process but 2017 in particular will be the biggest change yet. I will be changing the design process, the payment process, the client interaction process, and more. These changes will help me spend more time enjoying life and eliminate my 24/7 work schedule.

  • Create and follow a daily/weekly schedule.

For years I have been trying to make a regular schedule that I could follow daily because I truly am terrible when it comes to remembering to do things. If I don’t have a reminder of it I may forget about it and then remember it at the wrong time. A schedule would help me get more done during the day and utilize my time more wisely.

  • Complete multiple IT certifications.

As you may or may not know, I am in IT (Information Technology) and as a requirement for success, one must complete certifications to prove that I know what I say I know. My problem is that I have years of experience working with systems and programs but never had a chance to test on it. So to this day I still have to prove myself to others in the industry. That’s never fun.

  • Travel to 3 new places & Get a Passport.

As a military brat growing up, I have had the opportunity to move all over the east coast but never on the west coast or outside of the country. So I want to pick 3 new places that I want to travel to in the next year. I’m even open to solo travel if it comes to that. I’m just tired of never taking time off to do anything fun!

  • Pay off Student Loans.

Depending on how I handle this, this could be a dream or reality.

  • Build Credit Score.

I remember growing up not caring about my credit score was or even what it meant. It wasn’t until I bought my first car that I started to realize how much credit could affect me. Now that I am an adult everything I do is done carefully and not without thought to make sure I build my credit for my future.

  • Purchase a Home.

Once my student loans are paid off I should be able to purchase a home and live comfortably. I have always been so picky that it only makes sense to buy a home as opposed to renting an apartment. I can then renovate/build it how I want it.

These are just a few of my goals for the next couple of years. I have even thought about creating another vision board this year. How do you set your goals? Do you make new years resolutions or do you avoid them altogether? Let me know in the comments below. 

I’m a twenty-eight year old lifestyle blogger who has a passion for literally everything. There are people who have a hard time finding something they like but in my case I have a hard time finding anything I don’t like. I live in Atlanta and work as a Information Technology Solutions Architect and a freelance Web/Graphic Designer. This blog is a mix of everything that consumes my life, whether it's technology, design, fashion, current events, health and fitness, traveling and of course my everyday life.

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