2016 Vision Board

My birthday is coming up next week and I’ve recently had to clear my life from drama, clutter, and unhealthy relationships (I’ll talk more about that later). I usually pride myself in being such a strong person that I don’t always allow myself to heal properly. This time I vowed to give myself time to work on myself and work towards my goals. I took a few days off work and found myself lying around the house on social media. I was saving images that inspired me when I ran across someones vision board. This one included cut outs from magazines. This inspired me to do one of my own but I am not the type of person who likes arts and crafts. If there is a digital way to do this I would rather do it that way. As a Web/Graphic designer I searched for “digital vision boards” on google and ran across this post by LightByCoco. She is a fellow designer who created a clean minimal vision board. In a  video she showed how to create the board. When I created my board I made a few changes to fit my needs and took it to the FedEx store for printing. I printed 3 copies so that I can post it next to my bed, in my bathroom, and in my closet.

Here is my vision board I created with Adobe InDesign:

From left to right I will describe what each photo means to me:

  1. Abs. I have never had a flat stomach in my life. Having a flat tummy would help my clothes fit a bit better.
  2. Friends. I want to keep a close relationship with my friends and befriend new people who have similar interests.
  3. Camera. For years I have dreamed of owning a DSLR camera. And now that I have my blog and design business I have more a need for it.
  4. Happiness. I just love this photo of Beyonce. To me it represents happiness. After getting rid of unhealthy relationships, I want to be happier.
  5. Meal Prep. A few months ago I started meal prepping my food for the week. Now I would like to perfect the process to eliminate food waste and encourage a larger variety of food I can eat.
  6. Travel. As a young girl I have always wanted to travel the world. Within the next year I plan to travel more.
  7. 27. Instead of using the calendar year to measure my goals I’ve decided to use my own birth year.
  8. Get fit. Just like everyone else I want to loose a few pounds and become physically fit. However, I love my body shape I just want to make it better.
  9. Mani/Pedi. I want to pamper myself on a regular basis. Yes, I deserve it.
  10. “Your Only limit Is You”. I need to remember that I am my bottleneck. I am the reason I will succeed or fail. No one else has the ability to limit me … but me.
  11. “Attract what you expect. Reflect what you desire. Become what you respect. Mirror what you admire”. Pretty self explanatory.
  12. Personal Style. I would like to discover my personal style and expand on it.
  13. Mission Statement. This is my own personal mission statement (I will post about this soon!). I live by this statement everyday.
  14. Girly Girl. I am somewhat of a tomboy … still but I have always wanted to be seen as a “girly” girl. In my line of work its a little difficult but just a few changes can make a world of a difference.
  15. Blue hair. I have recently been craving for my hair to be a dark blue. I think it looks great on dark skin if it is done correctly.
  16. Work from Home. Because I work in Information Technology and my hobbies are also computer-based i believe that working from home is a very achievable goal. It would be definitely easier to travel this way.
  17. “Train your mind to see the good in everything”. I have always been a positive person and I would like to stay that way.
  18. Future Mini Me. One day I will have children and they will want their mother to be strong and intelligent. I want to set a good example for my own children. I want to live my life and prove to them that they have the ability to do whatever they set their hearts on.
  19. “You decide what’s to be for your heart by what you let fear control in your life”. This quote has stuck with me everyday for a little over a year. I try my best not to let fear control my own life.
  20. Dream House. I have always dreamed to move into a large house in Atlanta, Georgia.
  21. Marriage. One day I would love to get married. However I am in no rush! I would be spending the rest of my life with him after all.
  22. Dream Car. My dream car is the Tesla. I love the technology in the dashboard, the fact that its electronic, and the sporty style of the car.


What does your vision board look like? Do you like the traditional version or the digital version? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


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  • Your blog is so refreshing and inspiring. Well done Diamond and don’t stop dreaming.

    • Thank you! I wont!:)


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