I’m a 28-year-old lifestyle blogger who has a passion for literally everything. There are people who have a hard time finding something they like but in my case I have a hard time finding anything I don’t like. I live in Virginia and work as a Information Technology Solutions Architect and a Web/Graphic Designer. This blog is a mix of everything that consumes my life, whether its technology, design, fashion, current events, health and fitness, traveling and of course my everyday life.

In today’s world its rare to find a young black woman who loves technology or just women in general who work in male dominated industries. As one myself it gets a little lonely. I am limited with my choice of conversation on a daily basis. My friends, although they mean well, are not interested in my rants about networking issues or understand why I have to study for certifications constantly.

My goal for this visual diary is to help others like myself going through the same issues no matter what they do, or want to do, for a living.


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