“No Thanks! I’m Vegan!”

As you can tell by the title I am clearly going to badger you about veganism. Today is World Vegan Day and in the spirit of today I just feel the need to share my journey.  I used to hate mentioning that I was vegan because of the reactions I would get from people. But now I could care less about the reactions of other people and more about my own personal health.

LIFE | My 2016 Premonition

Every year around the same time I always have some sort of premonition. Usually trying to put my life into perspective. Asking myself “What is my purpose?” This year is not much different except this time I am trying to recover from the amount of unnecessary stress I have endured in this year alone.

LIFE | Birthday Wishes …

Happy Monday! As you may know, yesterday I was blessed to celebrate another year of life! How time files when your busy and having fun! So much has happened in the past few months that my birthday kind of snuck up on me and I was literally unprepared! No solid plans and definitely nothing to wear. But that didn’t stop me from enjoying my day.

My mission is to utilize my god-given gifts of natural talent, intelligence, determination, patience, and serial optimism to cultivate the self-worth and net-worth of all women of color in male dominated industries.

Personal Mission Statement

That is my mission statement. I look at it everyday and make sure that everything I do helps my mission.
In college I took a class that was geared towards helping students become great leaders. We all had to read Sun Tsu’s The Art of War, participate in mock interviews, cultivate elevator speeches, and more. During the course my professor also spoke about personal mission statements.

Makeup Staples for Darker Skin Tones

Please note that I am not affiliated with any of the brands that I have mentioned in this post and I have and will always give my honest opinion.
About 5 years ago I started a YouTube channel with the goal to show Women of Color (WOC), like myself, how to wear makeup.